Especially for Forest Landowners

We acknowledge that there is a lot of technical information on this website.  On this page we have distilled it down to the most useful information on forest carbon for forest landowners.  After reading the materials on this page, however, we encourage you to get more information by exploring the rest of this website. Thank you!

Forest Carbon for Small Landowners

Project Developer Comparison

Climate Change and Forest Carbon

Forest Carbon Markets

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Questions to Ask Your Forest Carbon Project Developer:


    • What types of management activities are allowed?
    • How is verification done?
    • Does the contract stay with the property if I sell?
    • What happens if I need to exit the contract early?
    • What happens if there is a natural disturbance on the property?
    • Is salvage harvesting allowed?
    • Are harvest wood product carbon stocks included?
    • What happens if the developer goes bankrupt or ceases to exist?
    • What is the payment schedule?
    • What is the expected revenue for my land?
    • How do you assure the integrity of carbon offsets?
    • Who buys the offsets?

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